Why Hire a Wedding Coordinator

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Every little girl dreams of her wedding day, and in her dreams it is perfect. Everything from the dress to the flowers, food and music are perfectly coordinated. She doesn’t dream of stress, blown budgets, late vendors, wilted flowers or bad photographs, but any married woman can tell you that these kinds of wedding disasters are common. The best way to ensure that your day will be everything you’ve dreamed of is to hire a wedding coordinator.

Plan the Wedding
The coordinator’s usefulness begins soon after the engagement, helping you initialize plans for your special day. A good wedding coordinator will take the time to get to know you and the groom, your likes and dislikes and gather details about how you envision your wedding day. They will use this information to help you plan every detail of the event so that it is fabulous for you.

Because they are in the business, wedding coordinators have connections. They have built solid working relationships with the managers of various venues for your reception or with florists, entertainers and photographers. A good coordinator can negotiate with the most sought-after vendors and get you “squeezed in” even during the busy season.

Save Money
Wedding coordinators can help you save money in a variety of ways. They have connections with local vendors and can often obtain discounts from them. They have learned where corners can be cut without sacrificing the quality, and they have the experience to offer low cost alternatives that will give you the most bang for your buck. A professional wedding coordinator should end up saving you as much or more than the fee they charge.

Save Time
According to government statistics, the average age that people are getting married for the first time in the U.S. is between 28 to 31 for women and 29 to 33 for men. There are also more two-income families today than ever before. What this means to most couples, is that they are severely stretched when it comes to time. Wedding coordinators take responsibility for many of your wedding tasks. They are working for you, so that you can concentrate on keeping your life in balance.

Stay on Budget
Weddings are highly personal and emotional events. It is easy to go over the budget quickly by making emotionally-charged decisions that may not be within your budget. Wedding coordinators understand your budget and work with you to make sure you stay within your own financial guidelines.

Wedding coordinators do weddings. That’s all they do. They are up on the latest trends in apparel, food, themes and locations and can make sure that your wedding not only meets your expectations but impresses your family and friends. They will make sure your day is a day to remember.

Hire the Best
What do you do when the DJ doesn’t show or the band is horrible? What if there is not enough food or beverages? How do you recreate the day when the pictures come back from the photographer and are horrible? These are disasters that a wedding coordinator will prevent. They know the best and most reliable vendors to hire. They will check references and meet with caterers, photographers and musicians to make sure that you are not disappointed.

Stress Relief
Wedding coordinators understand that mechanics of pulling together a magnificent event. They are there to make sure that last minute tasks get done – tuxes fit, attendant gifts are wrapped, seats for immediate family are reserved etc. – so that you can concentrate on enjoying every minute of your wedding day.

Manage the Day
Your wedding coordinator will take over when your wedding day arrives. They will orchestrate everything from getting you to the church, to assisting the wedding party to making sure the food gets served efficiently at the reception. They will handle administrative tasks like paying caterers and tipping service staff so that you can simply enjoy the festivities.

Wrap Things Up
The last thing you want family or friends to have to do after you have left the eception for that long-awaited honeymoon, is take care of lugging your gifts to the car, bundling up left-over wedding favors or packing up that top layer of the cake to save for your first anniversary. Your wedding coordinator will make sure that all of the details are covered after the event as well, so that you and your guests can finish the day completely carefree.

In today’s fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, wedding coordinators have become much more of a necessity than a luxury. Do they cost money? Yes. Are they worth it? Absolutely. Professional wedding coordinators are worth their weight in gold when it comes to making sure your wedding day becomes the event of a lifetime.

published by Heidi Attir

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