Wedding Cupcakes – An Alternative to Wedding Cakes

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Wedding cupcakes are a modern alternative to traditional wedding cakes and serve as an interesting wedding table centerpiece when decorating for wedding receptions. There are creative ways to showcase these miniature wedding cakes. They can be displayed on decorative trays or as a cupcake tiered wedding cake arrangement.

The tiered cupcake wedding cake arrangement is a far more impressive alternative than using the trays, as it looks more like a decorative wedding centerpiece. Your wedding cake can either all be cupcakes, miniature wedding cakes or fancy desserts. The other alternative is to have a small wedding cake as the top tier. It’s perfect for the wedding photo’s and for the cutting of the cake. The cupcake wedding cake or mini wedding cakes are then arranged on the second, third and forth tier. Perfect for wedding couples who prefer cupcakes instead of wedding cake.

Fairy Godmother tip; when its time for the cutting of the cake, the bride and groom can either exchange cupcakes or a slice of the top cake. It is also traditional to keep the top cake for the couples first anniversary.

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