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Some of us like to decorate our homes the same way every year. That’s our traditional way of decorating and we are comfortable with that.

I love Christmas and I use many of the same decorations every year, but I like to change things up and use them in different ways. Every year each room is decorated, but not quite the same as last year. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas, I hope you’ll find these articles helpful.

Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

Here are 6 beautiful themes for decorating your mantel for Christmas.

Decorating an Irish Themed Christmas Tree

You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy an Irish themed Christmas tree just as you don’t have to be Irish to enjoy Irish music. So don’t miss out on the luscious greens and wonderful symbols of Ireland.

Decorating with Christmas Cards

Don’t throw out all those beautiful Christmas cards. Save them every year and learn how you can enjoy them and display them during the Christmas season while decorating your home.

Quick and Easy Decorating With Christmas Wreaths

One of the most common Christmas traditions is hanging a Christmas wreath on the front door. Here are a few tips and ideas to make your wreath decorating a unique and exciting.

How To Turn the Inside of Your Home Into A Dazzling White Christmas

Everyone loves a white Christmas, but the sparkle and beauty doesn’t have to be confined to the outdoors and we don’t have to wait for Mother Nature. Try these tips and ideas to get the perfect white Christmas look.

How to Decorate a Sugar Plum Candy Christmas Tree That Looks as Good as it Tastes

If you want to thrill and delight your children or the children at your Christmas Party try creating your own Candy Christmas Tree… or as I prefer to call it, a Sugar Plum tree.

Christmas Tree Decorating with Birds and Beads

This is a stunning little Christmas tree decorating trick I use every year. It adds a touch of grace and elegance that NEVER ceases to amaze adults and children alike.

Decorating For A Christmas Baby Shower

Are you giving a baby shower during the Christmas season? This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the baby while using Christmas decorations as your backdrop.

Decorating with Christmas Trees Throughout the Home

Think outside the box and discover the joy of decorating each room with it’s own unique Christmas tree.


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