Wedding Ring Trends, part 3: Antique and Vintage Style

Everything old is new again, as the appetite for engagement rings that reflect the past shows no signs of diminishing. Think: the ornate detailing of Victorian and Edwardian jewelry, Art Nouveau’s free-form curves or the glamorous architectural lines of Art Deco design. Engagement rings echoing these eras are heavy on embellishment, with intricate metalwork creating mesmerizing bands and settings, and milgrain and filigree accents adding a sense of substance. There’s also frequent use of pavéd and micropavéd stones, which increases the dazzle factor, even on rings in which the center stone is of a more affordable, smaller-carat weight. Floral and nature-inspired designs offer curvilinear charm and leaf motifs, while the more geometrically clean choice of a three-stone ring both harkens back to the Victorian era and symbolizes a couple’s past, present and future.

Written by Shannon McCarthy

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