Deciding on your Cake


1)FORMAL: a traditional, all white cake with understated decorations can fit almost any type of wedding reception. Generally they have flowers made of sugar paste and are composed of three to four inch tiers.

2)MODERN: This style gives a chance to add a bit of color and pattern to motif on your invitations/programs/theme.

3)ROMANTIC: If you’re inspired by family heirlooms or childhood books and want to incorporate the nostalgia theme into your cake décor. The whimsical style is less structured than modern cakes (the layers of each cake differ height) and uses something sentimental such as an embellishment on a wedding dress like buttons.

4)CASUAL: A cake doesn’t have to be a cake at all. If you want a alternative to the typical tiers and frosting, consider pies, candy desert bar, cupcakes or ice cream bars. Make sure you know who will be slicing and serving.


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