Ideas for Cake Toppers

The traditional bride and groom statues is popular in most areas. If you are looking for something different, here are some ideas:
1)borrow you parents’ or grandparents’ topper
2)look on ebay or other websites for something different (mini statue of the two of you)
3)find a figurine or a holiday ornament that reflects someting you do together such as a pair of skiers or couple dancing
4)place childhood photos in a small light weight frames and set them on the cake
5)bundle some fresh flowers and arrange on top tier, inscribe monogram on one of the tiers
6)ask the baker to create a bow from fondant

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  • I agree that Cake toppers should reflect the couple. Everyone always wants to see the wedding cake and how beautifully it is decorated and its always fun to see what the couple decided as the “Exclamation” point to the Cake.
    Pastor Gina Wind
    Wedding Officiant

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