Designing Your Wedding – Tips From A Pro

By Cindy Smith C & T Event Decorators


Congratulations, you are getting married. Now you have an entire wedding to design. Yes, design; it’s all part of the planning process. Now where do you start? Think about what is important to you and what kind of experience you want your guests to have. Will your wedding have a formal feel, is casual more your style? What colors would you like to use or do you have a theme in mind? A themed wedding is one of the easiest ways to start your design. Think of the items that represent the theme and then find ways to incorporate them into your design. For instance if you choose a garden theme, you might look for an outdoor venue or ceremony site with lots of flower gardens. Next, does the venue have a formal or casual feel? If it is formal you might choose linens such as a brocade or an embroidered silk. Centerpieces could be symmetrical in shape with the blossoms placed close together in crystal or silver containers. Or use chandeliers with lots of candle light.


To create a casual look for a garden theme use simple cotton linens or even burlap linens. Flowers could be live and planted in terracotta pots or simple arrangements that look as if you walked through a garden picking flowers and placed them in a mason jar. Whichever theme you choose, remember to carry it through the entire day; from invitations to your dress, and favors to your cake. If you don’t have a theme you still need to be consistent with the look and style of your wedding throughout the day. Perhaps you day is all about your favorite color. Colors and combinations of colors can set the mood of your room. For instance let’s say you have chosen an aqua as you main color. If you mix it with white you will get a crisp fresh feel for your day. Mix that same aqua with an off white or an ivory and the feel will be softer and romantic. Bold colors and contrasting colors will add drama. One important fact about color that I find a lot of brides overlook is how that color works in your chosen venue. If your colors clash with the decor of your venue your wedding will not look its best. If this is the case and you don’t want to change your colors or your venue, consider draping the walls or calling in a lighting professional.


As a final note, never hesitate to hire professionals. Designing and planning your wedding can become overwhelming. Your wedding day and the process of creating it should be fun. Professionals can alleviate your stress; help you avoid expensive and disappointing mistakes. After all, you want your wedding day and planning it to be a happy memory.

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