Photo Booths


Have you ever been to an event with a photo booth? For those who have, know that this tends to be a very fun experience.  There are many advantages to renting a photo booth. For one thing, it provides entertainment for your guests. Most people love the idea of going to the prop holder, picking that perfect prop and smiling away for the camera. Do you like strike a pose, make a funny face or just smile away??? This can provide guests with a memorable experience that they will never forget.  Another advantage, big events such as weddings can be very overwhelming for everyone, this type of entertainment helps to loosen up everyone at the event. With a photo booth you can have a funniest picture contest, play photo booth games or just discussing the picture afterwards (for party games feel free to email us and we will gladly email you with ideas and details). Also, the pictures that the guests take are the perfect party favor. You know that they will love to take the photo home and put it on the fridge, display in a frame or even put in a scrapbook. The most important reason though is photo booths create life long memories capturing photos with friends and family. Some friends and family that you may not see all the time, photo booths provide picture fun with the special people in your life. Plus when you have doubles of all the pictures either by themselves or in a scrapbook it’s a keepsake of that event that will be treasured forever!!
Written By:
Brandon and Jennifer Feerer

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