Choosing the Right Vase for a Centerpiece

Consider the pattern vases will make on your wedding reception table centerpieces.
A few ideas:
1) a row of identical vases on a long table
2) a group of vases in various shapes sizes in the middle of a round table.
3) innovate with milk bottles, julep cups or ramekinsTo select the vase that matches your flowers, rely on the cheat sheet:
1) Tall and narrow: idea for torch-shaped centerpiece arrangements with flowers such as sun flowers or gladiolas.
2) Short and stout:  perfect for a low half globe of flowers like roses or dahlias.
3) Tall and wide:  suits long-stemmed flowers, such as lilies or queen Anne’s lace.
4) Bud Vase:  fit for top-heavy flowers like ranunculus or black eyed susans, that need step support.
5) Urn:  allows you to make a round bouquet, even with top-heavy flowers such as gerberas or tulips.

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