A Chair for Every Event & Any Event

Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate or a personal event, chairs are a large part of the décor as they are placed throughout the room for your guests.  Whether your venue supplies your chairs or if you have to provide your own, it’s a great opportunity to enhance the theme of your event. Folding chairs come in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose a color of chair that will add to your event decor. However, if you prefer you can cover them with folding chair covers for a classic look. These chairs have a leg bar that prevents the chairs from sinking into the grass making them the prefect addition to any outdoor event. They are also light and easy to transport. Banquet chairs are perfect for events where comfort is your priority, such as seminars, long presentations, or multi-course dinners. You can cover these chairs easily with a chair cover, chair wrap or spandex covers if you want to add accents of your event color to the room. Tuscan café chairs are one of the newest additions to hit the industry. Create a café atmosphere with ease. I love the rich influence this type of chair brings to a room. Chiavaris are the quintessential event chair. By far one of my favorite chair styles, the chiavari brings elegance and sophistication into a room like no other chair. With a multitude of colors to pick from, you won’t have any trouble finding a shade to coordinate with your event décor! Chameleon chairs provide a sleek and modern feel to any type event. These chairs offer the best of both worlds; they are comfortable and extremely versatile from a design perspective. With a wide variety of seat covers, back covers, and even skirts, you can customize these chairs to fit almost any décor scheme. Clear genoas are another new chair that sparks an artistic flare.  Create more visual space with these chairs. Using these chairs also helps to really highlight your table linen as they create more visual space around each table. With so many different styles of chairs to choose from you are sure to find the perfect one to complete your desired event look…Always ask for a second opinion and an open mind when wanting to try something different with chairs… Happy chair hunting,

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