DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

by Cindy Smith
C & T Event Decorators

Many brides today are trying to DIY {Do it Yourself} their weddings in an effort to save money.  Sadly the results are not always what was intended or hoped for. One of the biggest problems I have seen is the newly engaged bride starts shopping before she has researched how much each element of a wedding costs. She has a budget amount, starts shopping, runs out of money and has to start cutting back on her flowers, DJ, Photographer etc. I have had many brides call with sad stories of buying items on line or at the wholesale district only to find out they do not fit, they are not as “nice” as they looked in the picture, the venue does not allow enough time for her to install them… and her items are not returnable. Now she is forced to cut back.  Before you shop, stop and really think about what is important to you. Research and find out how much each item you want willcost. Don’t forget to factor in your gas, parking, meals out, shipping etc. when you shop online, out of town or at a wholesale district. Talk to the professionals in your area. They understand the tiniest details in their area of expertise. Details that brides do not think of or even know to ask about. Being unaware of details and not using
professionals can mean costly mistakes and embarrassing moments. I have seen wedding cakes fall, flowes that are wilting, linens that are stained and wrinkled to name a few. Now ask yoursell do I have the skills to do this? Will I save money? Will I get the results that I want? How much additionaltime and stress am I willing to add to my schedule? Be honest.  Once you have done your research you will have a better idea of how much each item will cost, if you are capable of doing it yourself and who you can hire for things you cannot do. Now you can put together a realistic budget, hire the professionals you need and enjoy shopping andVmaking your DIY projects.

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