Wedding Colors

Choosing the colors for your wedding may be simple, fun or frustrating. The colors you choose for your wedding may be influenced by a variety of circumstances. You may want to use you and your fiance’s favorite colors as personal touch.  The basis for your selections may depend on the season your wedding will be in. Perhaps the latest color trends will influence your choices. You could also choose a color that will look best in your venue.  Can there be deeper meanings in your color choices? Possibly, as the research for the psychology of color varies. Color and the emotions that they evoke can be personal, based on your own experiences or your culture. Warm colors red, orange and yellow may evoke feelings ranging from warmth and comfort to anger. Cool colors, blue, purple and green may evoke feelings of calm, sadness or indifference. Bride’s Magazine listed colors and their meanings in the June/July 2013 issue. They are as follows…. Pink-romance, love, friendship Red-love, passion, strength, power Orange-enth usiasm, attraction,   fascination, creativity Yellow-joy, happiness, intelligence, energy Indigo-intuition, perception Violet-spirituality, imagi nation Blue-trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith Green-growth, harmony, freshness, fertility White-goodness innocence, purity, virginity In essence have fun when choosing your wedding colors. Choose those you like, enjoy being around or that give your wedding that special look you love.
By Cindy Smith,
C & T Decorators

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