As one of the founders of the association and current President, the goal of creating the association was to bring awareness of quality vendors for weddings, quince, and other events. We bring awareness by doing a few things which are mentioned below.

The cost of joining HD WEDDINGS & EVENTS is $200.00 a year. A common question that everyone asks me is what does the $200.00 go towards. We have a lot of expenses: website, domain names, P.O. Box, linen expenses for events, events, Victor Valley Chamber of Commerce… to name a few things. Usually each year we have two Wedding/Quince Expos and Chamber Mixer. Some events do cost extra money for advertising the event and additional costs of the event.

Another common question is what are the benefits of the group. Like any other group/association you get what you put into it. I highly suggest members to network with other members of the association and you can do that before or after meetings or just call them and meet them for coffee. As a member we also encourage you to become an active member by helping out with our events.

Other benefits of our group is that we belong to the Victor Valley Chamber of Commerce. As the association part of the chamber, you can go to chamber events such as VMI, ribbon cuttings, open houses. We just ask that you mention that you are part of HD WEDDINGS & EVENTS in your introduction to people.

We also try to have guest speakers each month talking about social media, taxes, networking, etc. so we all can learn which will benefit our business as well.

One of the best benefits as previously mentioned, is that we usually do two Wedding/Quince Expos a year and our members get a substantial discount for their booth. Part of yearly dues help cover the cost of the expos. We advertise with radio, print and newspaper ads for these events which in turn has been very profitable for our group members.


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