Let Periscope Increase Your Business Success

By Laura Streppone, CEO LauraS Fit Life



periscopehdweddingAs the world turns, we are all trying to stay informed, connected and relevant. Have you ever thought, “This is great information, I need to share it!” Of course you have, if you are on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a newer option, joining the game, Periscope. If you have a Twitter, you can have a Periscope profile. If you don’t have a Twitter, my first suggestion, create one/design, only at least to connect better on Periscope.


What is Periscope? This new platform, allows users the LIVE option to promote their business, FREE! It is key to know that you don’t have to abandon your favorite platforms you use to build your audiences/followers/clients. Periscope can be done on a daily basis, weekly, monthly, etc. An example is, maybe you have a food business with a weekly special you feature. Broadcast live on Periscope what it is, how it’s made with a live demonstration. Tip, include freemium opportunity at the beginning of broadcast or prize incentive, and announce, “details will be released at the end of the broadcast.” To get started, use your mobile device, visit your app store and download the Periscope app that is affiliated with Twitter.  


To be fair, most of my Periscope knowledge is in thanks to my mentor and one of the most prominent “Scopers” I need to recommend, Business and Motivational expert, Chalene Johnson. She is the amazing creator of the downloadable PDF available with this blog. You can also find the document at www.Periscopeisdope.com. The file gives you all the tips, trick and how-to’s on getting started with the platform. The live broadcast on Periscope only lives on that platform for 24 hours to rewatch. Provided you’ve set your user settings to auto-save your broadcasts to a gallery on your phone, you can have great recycling options. Johnson, uses many of her Periscopes to repurpose as audio tracks for her podcast series, transcribes discussions to create blog posts, create ideas from broadcast engagement to design tweets/posts, and uses portions of broadcast for future video content on platforms like Youtube.


I can’t finish without giving this advice, because I know you might be thinking this could probably get inappropriate or you could run into bad behavior users, we label as “trolls” or “bullies.” They usually enter a broadcast and are not beneficial to your topic, providing inconsiderate comments. There are ways around avoiding them, but it’s recommended, as it goes with any bullying, ignore it and do not give them the power. By just doing that, they will eventually leave the broadcast.


Lastly, the future of Periscope is not certain. As with any other “shiny new toy,” things can change and better/different options will become the trend. Currently, Facebook decided this option is worth pursuing so they have a live streaming option available, at the time of this blog, only to iOS Apple users. Android release is in the works for Facebook Live. Know, that enjoying the new toy (Periscope) now, doesn’t mean you have to commit to it forever, it’s just another option to improve your business footprint.


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