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Obtaining a Marriage License for High Desert Residents

I receive a number of inquiries from High Desert couples about where and how to apply for a Marriage license.  High Desert residents may apply for their Marriage License at the High Desert Government Center.   Their address is: High Desert Government Center 15900 Smoketree Lane Hesperia, CA  92345 PH:  760-995-8065   Monday through Friday:  8:30 am to […]

The Groom…it’s his Wedding too!

The Groom…it’s his Wedding too!

Just before the wedding ceremony starts, the Minister and Groom enter from the side entry of a church or venue and proceed to the Altar.  No Music.  No Fanfare.  Very Boring. Isn’t this his special day too?  Doesn’t he deserve any attention?  Aren’t the guests his family and friends too?  After all, doesn’t he look […]

Wedding Colors

        Choosing the colors for your wedding may be simple, fun or frustrating. The colors you choose for your wedding may be influenced by a variety of circumstances. You may want to use you and your fiance’s favorite colors as personal touch.  The basis for your selections may depend on the season […]

Safety Tips

 We’ve all heard the golden rules of safety: Be aware of your surroundings, safety in numbers, stay out of parking, etc. But regardless, every one of us at one time or another have still found ourselves in a situation where we know we could be in danger. And the national statistics don’t lie…   “1 […]

Wedding Fair Tips

Tips to get the most out of a bridal faire by Cindy Smith from C & T Decorators Attending bridalfaires can be fun and save you time. You will have a one place to shop for wedding professionals. Here are some helpful hints to get the most out of your day. Pre-register to save on […]

How Long Should the Ceremony be?

While 20 to 35 minutes is a feasible figure, there is no magic number.  75% percent of engaged couples planned on a half-hour ceremony, 20% aimed for an hour, and 10% were not sure, according to a poll by, a wedding-planning website. Think about weddings you have attended.  Did you reach a point when your […]

Photo Booths

Have you ever been to an event with a photo booth? For those who have, know that this tends to be a very fun experience.  There are many advantages to renting a photo booth. For one thing, it provides entertainment for your guests. Most people love the idea of going to the prop holder, picking […]