Becoming A Member

photography by Gene’s Photography and cake done by Bodacious Bundts


  1.  Attend a monthly meeting to get a feel of the assocation, the members and if membership fits you.
  2.  Read the bi-laws, code of ethics, rules and regulations and make sure you understand them.  If you have any questions, ask one of the board members.
  3.  Fill the membership application and choose a committee to join. (You will receive and password)
  4.  Invest your annual membership dues by cash or check.

Make check payable to HD Weddings & Events for $200.00.
Once your application & dues are in, they are reviewed by the board and association members.  If everything checks out, congratulations!  Welcome aboard.  Otherwise, you will receive a refund on membership dues.

Come Join Us

Our next HD Wedding and Event meeting will be the second Tuesday of each month.  Please contact us about location and time.

Vistors are welcome but we are a by membership group.

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